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Helping grow your brand’s wholesale business by providing after-sale support to your specialty stores on our B2B marketplace.


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Brands, sales reps and retailers optimize time and inventory with SwapRetail.

The faster your inventory turns, the more your retailers will buy. SwapRetail reduces the time, risks and costs of non-performing merchandise within specialty stores. As a secure B2B platform exclusive to your brand’s authorized retailers, your accounts can now safely sell, buy and swap unsold merchandise with one another to increase their turns and most importantly, your brand’s sell-through. 

After-Sale Support

Lean on SwapRetail for retailer inventory issues so your sales reps can focus on selling.

Secure Platform

Only your authorized retailers have access on the platform; their identities remain confidential.

Platform Insights

See what’s not selling, why and where with SwapRetail’s data reporting across specialty accounts.

Empowering Brands & Retailers to Increase Top & Bottom Lines

Managing inventory is simple with SwapRetail. Your authorized retailers can sell, buy and swap merchandise with the touch of a button. It’s an anonymous and secure way for authorized retailers to get what they need and sell what they don’t, increasing your sell-through while freeing up your time.


Featured Brand Partners

For our accounts it’s been great because they’re able to find and get items to customers quickly – the types of reorders we normally would have to say no to. I think that once the brands look at this as a service, then they can see the value in it.

Emily Waldron

Regional Sales Manager, Johnny Was

SwapRetail is an amazing platform to help boutiques manage their stock. My clients are very happy with the website and are using it as a tool.SwapRetail definitively increases the boutique inventory turnover and reduces stock when necessary.

Bruno Peutat

Owner, O'Marche Showroom

Start Saving Time Today

The time it takes to on-board with SwapRetail is the same amount of time it takes to resolve just one retailer inventory issue. Get your time back. Our Brand Support Team walks you through the three step on-boarding process to get your brand up and running in 48 hours.

Built for You

Our patent-pending process takes into account every care and concern that both brands and retailers have. Distribution is protected, transactions are confidential, inventory turns.

Their inventory issues are your inventory issues

Keep your inventory relevant, increase your sell-through, strengthen retailer relationships.

The SwapRetail B2B platform helps:
• Free up your retailers’ cashflow by helping them sell off their excess inventory
• Fulfill special orders when you’re sold out by locating the unit from another retailer
• Keep your inventory fresh by facilitating swaps between retailers