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Helping retailers and brands turn inventory is what we do.

Finally, an easy way to free up cashflow and increase your sell-through.

SwapRetail provides brands and retailers solutions to optimize inventory through our exclusive B2B retailer marketplace, B2C partnerships and liquidation opportunities.

B2B Retailer Marketplace

Wish you could connect with retailers who carry your same brands? Now you can safely and easily buy, sell and swap to optimize inventory with retailers like you.


Need to free up cash and space? Our relationships with premiere off-price partners help you liquidate when there’s no time to wait.

Brand Discovery

Retailers – wish you knew what other brands retailers like you are carrying? Brands – wish you could open more doors? Connect with likeminded retailers and learn about likeminded brands.

B2C Partnerships

Need to expand your reach? Our integrations with B2C marketplaces gives your inventory more exposure without any extra workload.

Save Time, Make Money

You’re a busy retailer — customers to serve, employees to oversee, orders to place and the most important aspect of your business — inventory to manage. Lean on our exclusive retailer-to-retailer marketplace to easily buy, sell and swap with authorized retailers to optimize your inventory. 

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Retailers

How much your retailers buy is directly related to how well your brand sells. No reason for your goods to sit on a sale rack when another retailer wants them. Improve your sell-through in-stores while increasing your brand’s exposure to thousands of retailers.

Retail Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely.

Join our retailer community of 4,000+ retailers and 200+ brands today.

"SwapRetail allows us to provide additional sizing for our clients and to keep our product fresh! Just because something isn't moving for me doesn't mean it won't be a top seller for someone else! And vice versa!"

Tiffany Robinson, Owner, BARBARA/JEAN

"For our accounts it’s been great because they’re able to find it and get it to the customers quickly – the types of reorders we normally would have to say no to."

Emily Waldron, Regional Sales Manager, Johnny Was

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