After-Sale Support Like Never Before

Now, your sales reps can stay focused on selling new merchandise while SwapRetail supports your retailers to move slow-selling inventory. Why? Because the faster your inventory turns, the more your retailers will buy.

Brand Use Cases

Whether you’re a stateside Macro Brand or an International Brand, SwapRetail will extend your team like never before. We’ll reduce the burden on your employees, elevating service and strengthening your wholesale relationships to turn once dream-like inventory resolutions into the new reality for your retail partners and brand.

Macro Brands

If you’re a brand with 800+ retailers, it’s impossible to accommodate every RTV request – especially today, in this COVID-impacted world. Reduce your risks and help your reps focus on selling new merchandise by partnering with SwapRetail.


Micro Brands

If you’re a brand with 500 retailers or less, you probably aim to please your retailers in every way you can. However, as you continue to grow, staffing constraints make it difficult to maintain the same level of service. Leverage SwapRetail’s after-sale support when your ATS is limited to none.


International Brands

If you’re an international brand unable to offer swaps or reorders due to the financial and logistical burdens of shipping overseas, SwapRetail offers you a level of stateside customer support like never before. The platform resolves your retailers’ issues of non-performing inventory and unfulfilled reorders that, up until now, were left unresolved.



Our social calendars have reduced tremendously in the age of social distancing. Your brand is suffering as your retailers fatigue their clientele by showing the same SKUs for months. Empower your retailers to refresh some or all of your made-to-order formal displays through SwapRetail’s platform for merchandise exchanges, exclusively between your authorized retailers.



It’s not easy to sell footwear; special challenges include specialty stores’ limited stockrooms (compared to shoe stores), excess inventory and the inability to easily replenish a single size (case pack hurdles). We ease your sales reps’ pain as they try to field retailer complaints, providing your authorized retailers a platform to move non-performing SKUs and sell random sizes.


And More

Regardless of what category you sell or your business model, if you want to elevate your customer service without increasing your workforce, let SwapRetail help you keep up the pace. Our platform resolves retailer inventory issues and needs both easily and efficiently.

The time spent on-boarding with Swap Retail takes the same amount of time as resolving one retailer inventory issue. Spend your time wisely and be up and running in 48 hours.