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If you’re a brand with 800+ retailers, it’s impossible to accommodate every RTV request – especially today, in this COVID-impacted world. You also probably have some ATS, but if your collection is performing well, there comes a point in the season when your inventory is low –  leaving reorders unfulfilled. Reduce your risks and help your reps focus on selling new merchandise by partnering with SwapRetail.

Let your reps forward your RTV requests and unfulfilled special orders directly to us for personal after-sale support, translating into sustained and increased business with your valued clientele. With our partnered Macro Brands, we’re able to help fulfill 70% of reorders that would have been missed opportunities. What’s more, those units would have ended up on sale. 

Your sell-through rates and customer satisfaction will only improve even more over time, thanks to our personalized quarterly reports filled with actionable product and retailer insights; you’ll be able to enhance your assortment planning strategies with data on the best-selling (and worst-selling) SKUs in your territories and stores. SwapRetail helps you preserve the value of your brand and increase retailer satisfaction as the need for markdowns on your merchandise diminishes.

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