Micro Brands


If you’re a brand with 500 retailers or less, you probably aim to please your retailers in every way you can. However, as you continue to grow, staffing constraints make it difficult to maintain the same level of service. Leverage SwapRetail’s after-sale support when your ATS is limited to none.

Let your reps forward your RTV requests and unfulfilled special orders directly to us and we’ll take it from there, leading to sustained and increased business with your valued clientele. Your sell-through rates and customer satisfaction will only improve even more over time, thanks to our personalized quarterly reports filled with actionable product and retailer insights; you’ll be able to enhance your assortment planning strategies with data on the best-selling (and worst-selling) SKUs in your territories and stores.

We’re here to assure retailer satisfaction remains high while giving you the time and energy you need to grow. 

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