NuOrder Wholesale Tips: How To Reduce Excess Inventory Without Major Markdowns

“…Swapping merchandise with other authorized retailers of the same brands is a cost-effective solution for resolving excess inventory. A new startup, SwapRetail, works with brands and retailers to accommodate safe and anonymous transactions. Transaction terms make it more cost-effective for retailers to seek inventory from their brand partners first before going on to swap or purchase other SKUs anonymously from other authorized sellers.”


BrainTrust LIVE: Celebrating National Entrepreneurs Day

“Karen Herman and other members of the RetailWire BrainTrust chat about the common challenges of being a start-up tech provider in the retail space and what opportunities are arising in the current environment. Special guests Melodie van der Baan, co-founder of SwapRetail and Haniff Brown, founder of FIT:MATCH join in.”

management one

M1 Experts Webinar: Retail Roundtable Event

“Join us for a live roundtable discussion including industry experts who outline the steps retailers need to take today to set the foundation for a profitable 2021 and beyond.”

the retail rundown

Retail Rundown Podcast: November 9, 2020

We discuss Primark remaining firm on brick-and-mortar, Walmart ditching the robots, and Amazon entering the Nordic market with our guests Jesse Wragg, Co-founder and Managing Director at eCommeleon, and Melodie van der Baan, Founder and CEO of SwapRetail.