A Matchmaker For Main Street Boutiques: SwapRetail Offers Stores A Lifeline

SwapRetail, van der Baan tells brands, can help their goods avoid markdowns at one store by shifting them to a store that needs them. It also solves problems by fulfilling special orders, and collects data for the brands about how their goods are performing in the hundreds of Main Street boutiques where they are sold...”


NuOrder Wholesale Tips: How To Reduce Excess Inventory Without Major Markdowns

“…Swapping merchandise with other authorized retailers of the same brands is a cost-effective solution for resolving excess inventory. A new startup, SwapRetail, works with brands and retailers to accommodate safe and anonymous transactions. Transaction terms make it more cost-effective for retailers to seek inventory from their brand partners first before going on to swap or purchase other SKUs anonymously from other authorized sellers.”


BrainTrust LIVE: Celebrating National Entrepreneurs Day

“Karen Herman and other members of the RetailWire BrainTrust chat about the common challenges of being a start-up tech provider in the retail space and what opportunities are arising in the current environment. Special guests Melodie van der Baan, co-founder of SwapRetail and Haniff Brown, founder of FIT:MATCH join in.”

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M1 Experts Webinar: Retail Roundtable Event

“Join us for a live roundtable discussion including industry experts who outline the steps retailers need to take today to set the foundation for a profitable 2021 and beyond.”

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Retail Rundown Podcast: November 9, 2020

We discuss Primark remaining firm on brick-and-mortar, Walmart ditching the robots, and Amazon entering the Nordic market with our guests Jesse Wragg, Co-founder and Managing Director at eCommeleon, and Melodie van der Baan, Founder and CEO of SwapRetail.

the retail rundown

Ecommerce Elite Podcast

Ecommerce Elite Melodie van der Baan shares her insights into fashion turns, navigating inventory post-Covid, and more expert advice. A self-declared, “lover of the fashion industry,” Melodie’s work as a retailer gave her an insight into some of the woes of inventory handling. She co-founded Swap Retail as a means to provide retailers a way to connect with each other and move inventory safely and efficiently. 

the retail rundown

Spirit of 608 Podcast

Lorraine loves startup stories that involve taking a manual, real-life process and creating a tech solution that mimics it and stories from founders who, in the quest to solve their own problems, end up bringing needed new ways of doing things into areas begging for innovation. Here’s how SwapRetail’s Melodie van der Baan sells with soul and turned a manual process into an inventory swapping startup for fashion retailers.