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Retailer Resources

SwapRetail was built by a past wholesale rep and current retailer. Our goal is to help you optimize inventory every way possible. Here are a few handy tools for your retailer toolkit!

management one

If you are a retailer during these unpredictable times, enlisting the help of the leading retail planning agency is something worth considering to shift your business from reactive to proactive. Management One gives you the ability to optimize your inventory through real-time performance visibility using merchandise intelligence.

Strategize for the future with their experts, instead of spending so much time on the defense. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This industry-leading data and forecasting platform tells you where you are, and provides a quantitative guide to where you are going. The care of their experts and the precision of their technology puts your retail store on solid ground. Click here to learn more.


The Doneger Group

During a time when travel is limited and customer needs are quickly changing, the benefits of working with a buying office have never been greater. The personal care given by their team of buying experts results in qualified and well-curated designer selections tailored specifically for your store with your clientele in mind.  

The Doneger Group is able to support you as a buyer, whether you are looking for immediates or placing orders six months out. Stay ahead of the trends, discover new category opportunities, and write your orders with confidence. Learn more by contacting Nicole Cavalier at ncavalier@doneger.com.