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Connect with likeminded retailers on SwapRetail to optimize your store's inventory.

Get more of the inventory you need and move what you don't on our B2B marketplace exclusively for retailers. Sell, buy and swap with authorized retailers of your same brands.


Free up your cash by selling to fellow retailers what isn't selling to your customers.


Buy more of what you need from another retailer when your brands are sold out.


No cash? No problem! Swap inventory with another retailer - it’s a win-win!


Raving Reviews

Retailers, brands and showrooms are talking about how SwapRetail has positively impacted their businesses. Join and become a raving fan.

"SwapRetail is an amazing platform to help boutiques manage their stock. My clients are very happy with the website and are using it as a tool. SwapRetail definitively increases the boutique inventory turnover and reduces stock when necessary."

Bruno Peutat

Owner of O’Marche/Globe Showroom

"The SwapRetail team listens to retailers and their needs. I love how user-friendly the site is. On any given week I use its services to get my various needs met."

Kayla Schroeder

Owner of Shine Boutique

Built by Retailers

Morgan and Melodie have experienced your same inventory issues firsthand in their boutique. After missing out on hundreds of special orders and marking down six digits worth of inventory, they created this secure marketplace to give retailers access to a network of inventory. Now you can reach past your own door and into every other likeminded retailer in the nation through SwapRetail.  


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