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We want to make your sales, purchases and swaps not only possible and convenient, but cost-effective.
SwapRetail is LOWERING shipping rates by 30% immediately!

Here’s where we need your help to make this change sustainable:
commercial address
1. Buyers – make sure your store address is on file. 
Why? FedEx charges a $5 surcharge when picking up or delivering to residential addresses, so switching to only commercial addresses will make a big difference.
box size
2. Sellers – ship items in an appropriately sized box or envelope.
Why? The bigger the package, the more FedEx bills; they charge by size or weight; whichever is greater.
ship without pickup
3. Sellers – ship out your orders without needing a pickup. 
Why? FedEx charges $3 for every pickup request. You can give the shipment to your driver when he is delivering to your store, or drop the package off at a FedEx location or any Walgreens location.  
4. Sellers – Make sure FedEx scans the label in front of you.
Why? Unscanned shipments cannot be tracked. When orders are lost, SwapRetail still pays sellers and refunds buyers, yet our insurance won’t reimburse us for untraceable shipments.