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Message from Mel, our Co-Founder & CEO:

Dear Retailer,

Whether you have been on this journey with us since 2020 or new to our B2B marketplace in 2022, we are so excited to share our exciting changes with you! We are rebranding from SwapRetail to Max Retail as of March 1st, 2022.


In 2021, we saw that 90% of our transactions between retailers were sales, with only 10% being swaps. What did that tell us? The greatest value we can bring to you is cash for your unsold inventory, and quick. It wasn’t the best tagline when we needed to say, “Yes this is SwapRetail — but you don’t have to swap!”

We also realized that retailer-to-retailer transactions were not enough, as once the season had passed, the likelihood of another retailer wanting your last season’s merchandise was slim. So we sought out B2C partnerships to expose your sale rack to 88 million end consumers and created a Drop Ship program to get you more sales of past season merchandise. 

What’s more, we saw that just as you had unsold inventory, so did your brands, and they need our help, too. Like you, your brands must sell their inventory to stay in business. Allowing brands with in-season merchandise onto our B2B marketplace will give you access to more immediates and especially, margin builders, while introducing you to brands that likeminded retailers sell.

With Max Retail, we will help both retailers and brands get the most out of their unsold inventory, finding each unit its rightful home to keep our industry healthy, thriving, and prosperous.

Thank you for being a part of our community. It’s stronger because you’re here!

With immense gratitude,

Melodie van der Baan