SwapRetail has been a great tool to help our customers to get what they’re missing during the selling period and to have the chance of selling or swapping what was not doing great.

This platform has been amazing for managing some of the customers’ needs that we couldn’t cover easily.

Ana Ferrer Ramírez-Escudero

Brand Executive, Vilagallo

SwapRetail is an amazing platform to help boutiques manage their stock. My clients are very happy with the website and are using it as a tool.

SwapRetail definitively increases the boutique inventory turnover and reduces stock when necessary.

Bruno Peutat

Owner, O'Marche & The Globe Showroom

It’s been a great tool to move inventory; much better than a markdown. We also use it to find ‘that one item’ we no longer have.


Manager, Deborah Kent

SwapRetail gives a valuable second option to us, the retailers, when we can’t get a special order, or a swap completed through our vendors.

Andreas Chronis

COO, Beginnings Bleus

In this new world of retail we must be creative. SwapRetail fills a great need to connect boutiques to swap and sell slow moving inventory.

Natalie Risner

Owner, Apropos Boutique, CA

I’ve been waiting for a solution like this for a very long time; I’m so glad it’s finally here.

Maribeth Bates

Owner, Dress Code, NC

It’s a handy tool I use when a customer needs something that the brand is sold out of.

Madi Macedo

Manager, Azul Boutique, FL

The SwapRetail team listens to retailers and their needs. I love how user-friendly the site is. On any given week I use its services to get my various needs met.

Kayla Schroeder

Owner, Shine Boutique, TX

I’m so thrilled to be able to purchase and sell through SwapRetail. It’s a great service; perfect for right now but will be great during normal/better times, too.

Susie Gutheim

Owner, Over the Top, IL

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